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Our Facilities

Marwell Thoroughbreds is based in the historic and prestigious yard of Uplands Stables. It has been the home to many great trainers and horses alike over the years since it was built. It houses first class facilities with great access to the Jockey Club gallops, with 24 hour supervision available and veterinary care just minutes away.


Uplands has 70 boxes, sized unto 14x14, all rubber matted with anti-cast rollers. Varying from barns to open yards, the highlight of these stables is the newly built Monarch Pool Barn, which all overlook the Valley of the Racehorse with individually heated stables.

Equine Pool

Uplands Equine Pool is a fully BHA licensed and registered equine pool. It is a fantastic facility which has proven very useful in keeping horses fit if they have lost a shoe or have a minor injury, getting young or new horses fit during their pre-training, and keeping older horses going 

Solarium Walkers

We have three internal walkers here at Uplands, all are fitted with heat lamps to help the horses keep warm during those cold winter months and speed up drying after swimming.


Paddocks of varying sizes from turnout cages to large paddocks for shared turnout. All secured with post and railed fencing. 

Lunge Pen

20m round lunge pen with a sand, rubber and fibre surface, ideal for breaking and pre-training!

Trotting Ring

The trotting/collection ring is a great way to showcase horses before their work, make assessments, or for those who are coming lightly back into work. 

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